farrierEquine Farriers in San Diego County

This list of farriers is to help horse owners find a farrier who works in their area, or to find a farrier with a particular expertise. Farriers listed are members of the SDCFA.

Farriers with an AFA Level next to their name have completed a comprehensive series of testing, established by the American Farriers Association, that includes a written examination, practical shoe making and practical horseshoeing.



Farrier AFA Phone Service
Name Level   Area
Boyer, Kevin CF 760.366.2872 Joshua Tree
Brown, Danny 760.271.5585 E. SD Cnty
Evans, Chad 619.749.5727 E. SD Cnty
Garcia, Grant 714.851.9955 N. SD Cnty
Gist, Guy 619.445.9163 E. SD Cnty
Harmeson, Jason CJF 619.445.9942 E. SD Cnty
Heiar, David CJF 760.788.8175 N. SD Cnty
Herdrich, Craig 858-945-7208 E. SDCnty
Iverson, David CF 619.443.7877 E. SD Cnty
Oliver,  Steve 619.933.9691 E. SD Cnty
Schneider, Rufus 619.244.1488 Descanso
Schraeder, Jeff CF 619.443.7423 E. SD Cnty
Scraggs, Mark 760.910.1522 Morongo Vly
Thomas, Lee 760.739.5741 Escondido
Thompson, David CF 619.995.8198 E. SD Cnty
Weinberg, Dwight 619.985.9666 N. SD Cnty
Wells, Andy CJF 760.788.1519 N. SD Cnty
Wilson, Aaron CJF 760.947.0576 Victorville

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