EHV-1 Update San Diego

January 14, 2014: The investigation into the confirmed EHV-1 positive Thoroughbred racehorse filly indicates the filly displayed initial clinical neurologic signs on January 9, 2014 and was transported to a facility in San Diego County for isolation, quarantine and veterinary care. According to the veterinarian overseeing the filly's care she is stabilizing and responding well to treatment. All identified exposed horses are being closely monitored and any exposed horse with a temperature or compatible clinical signs will be sampled and tested for EHV-1. CDFA will continue to monitor the situation.

World Joust Tournament Poway

World Joust Tournament Poway

The Tournament of the Phoenix™ is a two day, six event sports contest, the original 'extreme' sport. The only event of its kind in the US, it is one of the most prestigious events in the world. It is invitational, and only themost highly skilled competitors are invited to compete for the coveted Phoenix prize.

November Newsletter

Hello Happy Horse-folk!

I can't believe how fast the days and weeks are flying. Halloween seems like it just happened, and yet Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner. Last month I had the honor to once again serve as the event veterinarian for the World Joust-Tournament of the Phoenix in Poway. It never ceases to amaze me that these horses allow knights in full armor, with ostrich-feather helmet decorations to come clanking up the mounting block and drop into the saddle. Then they run full speed down the "tilt" (where the actual jousting occurs) where the knights shatter lances on their opponent's shields, sending fragments hurtling in to the sky! It's truly exciting to watch. The horses all did great and fpknightI'm happy to report they were unscathed. The knights...well, that's another story. I chose Sean George (from England) as "my" knight since he was riding Petrus (one of my regular patients). Petrus LOVES getting his special peppermint cookie when he gets his vaccinations, so when he saw my tuck he came marching over and stuck his entire head inside the cab (I was sitting in the passenger seat, with the door open) and snorffled around, looking for the goodies. I just love that big gorgeous boy!

Here's Sean, Petrus and his squire defending my truck :)photo

And, on a totally different note, I just have to share the mini donkey cuteness! Levi and Liam, supervising: And Clem, outstanding in his field:

We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and happy riding :)

Christi and Gary Garfinkel,


Dr. Garfinkel's October Update

Good day my friends!

Here we are in October did that happen?!? And when will the weather realize it's fall? I'm ready for some nice days and crisp, cool evenings (and so are our equine friends, they're coats are changing for cooler fall/winter temperatures!) Let's dig out the sweatshirts and bring on the hot cocoa!