Dr. Jan-Hein Swagemakers the veterinarian to the German Showjumping Team discusses StableLab's Serum Amyloid A test

Dr. Jan-Hein Swagemakers is the veterinarian to the German Showjumping Team.

Dr. Swagemakers believes that the StableLab test for Serum Amyloid A is more reliable than temperature to help him decide whether he truly needs to treat with antibiotics, particularly for routine screening pre-surgery and post-shipping.

Dr. Garfinkel has the Serum Amyloid A test on her truck. Ask her for details.

Watch the short exclusive interview below "We try to restrict the use of antibiotics as much as we can and SAA helps us to do that" "Riders report that if you have a horse on antibiotics they notice the horse does not preform 100%"


Dr. Swagemakers also believes that introducing the StableLab test into Quarantine would be extremely beneficial, distinguishing between infectious and non-infectious cases.

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