San Diego vet can microchip your horse.Equine Microchip

Equine Veterniary Services Inc. offers the AVID Equine Microchip.

After the recent fires in East San Diego County, many animals including horses were on the loose, making it very difficult to get each animal back to their owners. A horse with the Avid Equine Microchip would have been identified and returned to their rightful owner quickly and without confusion. I feel this is the easiest and most cost effective way of tracking your animals and for identification purposes.

Please contact us directly at 619.659.1180 and we can discuss whether the AVID Equine Microchip is the right choice for your horse.


Last year,  rural San Diego County was ravaged by firestorms, forcing the evacuation of  thousands of horses.  In the weeks  that followed, hundreds of horses were lost, as owners had no idea which  evacuation sites may be holding their  livestock. This year we  held an Equine Microchip Clinic. Of course, after doing our research, we decided  to use the AVID microchip.We chipped 80  animals today!  Thank you for making  our clinic a success! We are  already planning our next one.

R. Officer Linda  Schumacher
Chula Vista Mounted  Police


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