Equine Shockwave TherapyHorse vet shockwaves horses in san diego.

Dr. Garfinkel is pleased to announce she now offers shockwave to her clients.

Horses suffering from chronic pain and lameness must undergo lengthy and cumbersome treatment regimens. These usually involve prolonged medication and surgical interventions. Shockwave therapy constitutes a new modality for dealing with refractory conditions, by stimulating the animal’s natural repair mechanisms.

Shockwave therapy with VersaTron is recommended for the management of variety of musculoskeletal disorders causing chronic pain and lameness such as:

  1. Suspensory Ligament Disease
  2. Bowed tendons
  3. Ringbone
  4. Bone spavin
  5. Splints
  6. Fractured splint bones
  7. Sore backs
  8. Navicular syndrome
Dr. Garfinkel shockwaves a horse in san diego. Equine Vet uses shockwave in san diego.

After diagnosing the problem Dr. Garfinkel will determine whether the condition is suitable for shockwave treatment.

The horse requires a mild sedation, so it remains standing throughout the procedure. Treatments usually take 15-20 minutes.

Frequently, positive results are achieved in cases where conventional treatment methods failed. In some cases it is necessary to repeat shockwave treatment several times.

For more information about shockwave call the office at 619.659.1180.


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