Dr. Garfinkel's Horse Services

Horse Preventative Care

preventicareDr. Garfinkel is committed to preventing disease and common equine health problems by offering vaccination and deworming programs, as well as dental care to our clients.

Dr. Christi Garfinkel has designed an Equine Wellness Package to provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their horse(s) are receiving the best preventative health care on a regular and timely basis.

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Advanced Horse Dental Care

dentalfloatDental care difficulties tend to be greatest avoided through dental care exams two times annually. Teeth associated with horses constantly develop through the animal’s existence. Nevertheless, certain dental problems, such as malocclusion (upper and lower teeth do not meet), broken teeth and abnormal wear can make it difficult to estimate horse’s age.

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Equine Diagnostics

Dr. Garfinkel performs digital x rays in the field.We offer field radiology (x-ray) both digital and film, and ultrasound analysis services. Additionally we provide a complete selection of lab screening, such as total bloodstream function, endocrine information, biopsys as well as histopathology. A number of other test will also be obtainable. Call for details.

Equine Joint Injection

hylartinAt Equine Veterinary Services joint injections are a common procedure which requires injecting medicine directly into the joint to battle such troubles as synovitis, degenerative joint disease, and arthritis. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is used alone and in combination with a corticosteroid dependent on the problem being addressed and which joint is  being treated. A sterile preparation of the joint is executed before this procedure.

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Equine Reproduction

reproduction1111I am thrilled to provide services for all your equine reproductive requirements, including pre-breeding consultations, artificial insemination, reproductive ultrasonography and palpation, pregnancy exams, semen collection and shipment,  as well as neo-natal care

Horse Lameness and Pre-purchase Exams

Dr. Garfinkel does digital xrays on her horses at your ranch.Dr. Garfinkel has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of lameness in horses.  From breeding stock to Grand Prix level performance horses, Dr. Garfinkel combines the knowledge and experience to provide the highest quality service to our clients. Our pre-purchase exams include an evaluation of the horse’s general health, as well as an assessment of soundness and appropriateness for the animal’s intended use.

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Equine Shockwave Therapy

Dr. Garfinkel does shockwave her horses.Horses who struggle with persistent discomfort as well as lameness go through extended as well as troublesome remedy routines. These types generally include extented medicine as well as medical surgery. Shockwave treatment is  new modality with regard to refractory problems, through revitalizing the actual animal’s organic restore systems.

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christi castrationHorse Surgical Procedures

We offer castration surgery, dental surgery, tumor removals, and more. 

horse-stuck-in-tree-400x333Emergency Horse Services

We understand that problems can occur at any time, and are pleased to offer emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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